hi I'm Lori and welcome to my blog...

now, to anyone who reads this, I will be leaving tumblr soon-ish, like 2 months, I will post my goodbyes and reasons then :)

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 Indea Vanmerllin


"After a while, all the visits with nutritionists and 4 a.m gym workouts just put you on autopilot. I had to train in krav maga, this fighting style where you learn how to do things like kill an opponent with an espresso cup. But when you see the payoff onscreen , it’s totally worth it.”

Are you kidding me?


spelling bee administrator: you word is delicious
me: D to the E to the L I C I O U S to the D to the E to the to the to the
spelling bee administrator: hit it fergie

Picture of a water sky. In an overcast cloudy day sea ice is reflected white on the clouds - so the clouds appear light in color. In contrast the water is reflected as a dark color. This dark is the water sky. Taken in Antarctica.


Decided to do something for my return hohoho~ 
Also I realized that an anon sent me a message a little ways back, asking if Tony would hold a welcome home party. If it was a small thing, then yeah, Tony would. But if Steve was seriously hurt, or it was a dangerous mission, Tony and Steve would celebrate quietly and alone like this~

Closing my eyes doesn’t help. Fire burns brighter in the darkness.


War in paradise ; French paratroopers in Quang Tri, Annam region, Indochina. July 1953.