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To whom it may concern…

So, some of you probably heard about what happened yesterday, and some of you were probably too busy to notice.

But basically I just wanted to tell you all what happened from my side, because you only know one, and that belongs to Jess (aka Haerrys).

note: I will most definitely get hate for this. But let me tell you all, you’re harsh words will mean nothing to me. Because I need to say what I’m about to say.

You all know Haerrys right? How basically everywhere she goes, people will always love her, adore her, defend her against hate…  why is this you ask? Alas, it’s probably a question that will never be answered, but my main guess would be because she manipulates you. Our reactions to her are implosive, I’ve been under her spell before, and it’s just that she’s popular, right? We want her to like us, respect us, to become her equal. But that’ll never happen.  We can never get there. Because she wouldn’t want that. She needs her followers (both figuratively and literally) to keep her alive, desperate for attention, always needing to be loved and adored. Without them her voice is just one in a million. But with them, her voice is then projected out of others, repeating what she says and following orders. That’s why you can never win against her.

So you’re probably thinking “why are you writing all of this? Are you obsessed with her? Are you jealous of her? It’s because you’re a coward, isn’t it?” and to answer all of your questions; no.

I’m sick and tired of everyone always sticking up for her like mindless zombies, everyone too afraid to speak with their own voices, to fight back, to finally express what it is they’re feeling, to give her their honest opinions… and it’s all because of fear.

So, to get to the main point of why this all came to be…

Someone used my theme, and then Jess, being the lovely friend she is to that person gave her a blog makeover, changing a few things. Now here’s where I’m the bad guy, basically.

I see this blog makeover on my theme, I instantly like it, so I go to change it on my original theme, but here’s the part that no one seemed to understand:

I only changed the description. I was claimed to have “stolen” much more coding, but I had already fixed up my themes days previous because I thought they needed a touch up. And also, I don’t even know how to steal coding that’s on someone else’s blog, unless of course I suddenly had magical powers that helped me see through the technology that is the internet. I used my OWN coding, coding that I did 5 weeks ago when I made this blog.

Did you hear that Jess? My OWN CODING. Not yours, because how could I?

But I’m admitting right now: yes I copied your design. I can be brave enough to admit that, but, you were right I guess about all of this, and for that, I can say I’m sorry to you.

But the sad thing is, I am an incredibly understanding person, and get this, if you had just messaged me privately, saying something like “Hey Lori, do you think you can add credit to that theme of yours?” and I would have gladly said yes. I would’ve done it instantly if that was what you wanted, but it honestly slipped my mind before all of this mess happened.

And you know the most fucked up bit of all?

How one day previous, another blog (who’s url I won’t say) stole one of my WHOLE themes, every last bit of coding, and what did I do?

I messaged her. I told her I could forgive her, that I could help her to make her own themes, that if she removed the post from her blog I could forget this ever happened and we could all move on with our lives, because this is just tumblr for christ’s sake.

And she did all of those things for me, and I forgave her. Simple as that.

I didn’t send her hate, which you did to me.

I didn’t call her pathetic or a bitch and tell her to leave tumblr, which you did to me.

I didn’t make a post, drawing the attention of my followers to spread the word that she’s a theme stealer, I didn’t command all of my friends to send her hate, I wasn’t so desperate that I needed the voices of others to make a human being feel like complete crap.

But. You. Did. All. Of. Those. Things. To. Me. And much more.

And that’s why I believe I’m a much better person than you. And always will be.

You will always be dependent on others to protect you, to do your dirty work. You will always be quick to pass judgment on someone without knowing the whole story.

And for all of this, I will always feel sorry for you.

Now, I’m not sure if anyone has ever had the courage to stand up to you, to say how they really feel, but if I’m the first, then I have one thing to say to you:

I have a voice Jess.

And I am not staying quiet any fucking longer.

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